Thursday- Insurance Awareness Day
I was going to let this one slide but this picture caught my eye- He's the winner! The outcome of a bad idea he tried to run up a pole to see if it'd fly. Hope he was covered.

I'm torn about celebrating this cause. I'm employed for the sole purpose of fighting insurance companies so believe me- I'm aware of insurance. These companies survive by sucking us dry with rising premiums, dirty tricks, confounding rules, and withholding coverage just when you need it the most.

We pay billions into auto, home, and medical coverage and where does it go? Into the pockets of the big insurance companies. Companies who pay those freaking geeks who deviously devise and design their insane EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) which I'm sure are some form of ancient Chinese puzzle. Once you decode the cells and columns you realize it's just a notice informing you that you're going to get spanked for the entire balance. It's all a ploy to send you into cardiac arrest, dial 911, and start the meter ticking all over again.

So, celebrate insurance awareness anyway. It keeps me employed. Just don't forget to buckle up!

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