Celebrate Everything!

In honor of one of my favorite foods I am proclaiming today Cheetos Day! Even though they make your fingers look like a bum with a bad nicotine habit, they're the best. Crack open a Miller Light and a fresh bag of the delicious crispy orange nuggets and you've got a party started. But this here blog isn't just about Cheetos- it's about celebrating! Our world is in love with celebrations. You can't get through the grocery store checkout without seeing graduation balloons, Dad's Day cupcakes, or buckets of 4th of July flags this time of year. We all buy into it, if there's nothing on the calendar, Hallmark will make something up. But it's not just Hallmark- it's everyone, that is except Jehovah's Witnesses.

I've been a party planner, wedding coordinator, hostess, and mother both novice and professionally, which gives me the utmost credentials. So I feel the need to keep my blogging buddies posted on the next big celebration. There's actually a day to celebrate just about everything. In fact my self proclaimed Cheetos Day, June 16th, coincides with National Hollerin' Contest Day. Now that's something to shout about! Tomorrow is of course Father's Day but get ready because there are at least 16 more reasons to party down before Independence Day, so don't buy those firecrackers just yet.

What's Next is dedicated to looking ahead . . . so to "celebrate" here's a list of next week's reason to get out of bed:
6/17- World Juggler's Day (try balancing your checkbook today, maybe it will work)
6/18- Go Fishing Day (Yeah, take Monday off and join the guys at the end of the pier)
6/19- World Sauntering Day (Stroll like you mean it- or shuffle like you've got slippers on)
6/20- Ice Cream Soda Day (Yep, I'm down for that)
6/21- 1st Day of Summer (Yeeha- finally!)

6/22- National Chocolate Eclair Day (Hmmm, not sure- the pudding inside always glops out)
6/23- National Pink Day & Take Your Dog to Work Day (Double your fun, die your dog pink!)

If you're not into any of the daily dedications June is the National Month of:
Aquariums, Candy, Dairy, Accordion Awareness, Adopt a Cat, and Roses. Now there's some reasons to celebrate!

Don't forget to look ahead to next week's list.


Inarticulate Fumblings said...

If you're having trouble mustering up the energy to celebrate 'World Juggler's Day,' June 16th is also 'Professional Women in Drywall Day.' Tell me people... What doesn't say party like 'Professional Women in Drywall'? I can see the party now... overalls, short spiky haircuts, three-bean salad, bandanas, and Harley-Davidsons littered across the front lawn...

Jojo said...

I love Cheetos. I really do. Not the baked ones. The real ones. Real Cheetos. sigh.

Me-Shelle said...

Thanks JoJo-I agree- baked are for sissies. Hey I checked out your profile, looks like we has some things in common- I'll be stopping by now and then.
See ya, M

Jojo said...

Your writing makes me laugh, in real life we would be friends!


Me-Shelle said...

Thanks JoJo- I aim to please. Hey- what are you aiming at in your profile pix?