Celebrating Beauticians Day

Ever cut your own hair? Bad idea- always! Just look at Britney. Hair is our number one image factor. Let's face it from comb-overs, to Jennifer Aniston's layers, to the never ending mullet, hair is the cover your book is judged by. There's always one other person involved in creating you, besides your own follicles- your beautician, barber, stylist, or beauty operator! Why we allow that responsibility to rest in the scissors of someone we don't know is insane- they're always pushing the boundries. We put our heads literally in the hands of these hard working men and women, some spiked, some bearded, some plain crazy. Actually mine is really nice and does a good job...I think? Take a look at these follicly challenged photos, then take a good long look in the mirror, and ask yourself what these people should've asked..."What the hell were you thinking?"

Nice- you won't have to worry about your hat flying off!
(I wonder if that's him from the back too?)

I think she was flying over my house last week-

The circus called and what their cotton candy machine back-

Dude, dreads aren't your thing-

Beam me up Scotty-

This one just scares me
(yeah- focus, it takes a minute)

Like that's going to convince the jury

I'm going to stop by the salon and take my stylist a good bottle of wine and wish her the happiest of Beauticians Day!


Inarticulate Fumblings said...

I have several childhood pictures that you could have pasted into this post that would have blended right in.

My mother had a pair of scissors that she used to cut pizza with... and my hair. I can hear her now "Jess, your hair is curly. It'll be impossible for me to mess it up."

This conversation usually happened the morning before class pictures, when we realized we forget to book an appointment at Ilene's Cut and Curl.

Ever seen an Afro-Mullet? Third, fourth, and fifth grade... same hair, different geometric-printed sweater.

Me-Shelle said...

Mom's do the darndest things! Melissa will tell you some whopping haircut horror stories of the stupid things I did to her poor head. No Afro-Mullet though...you poor thing. I like you in pink though.
Me-Shelle aka Mother M

Melissavina said...

It's Wednesday and I'm wearing sun glasses all day. Even after the sun sets I'll still wear them. Why? Because it's sunglasses day!!

Me-Shelle said...

You're the best! Besides- you look marvelous in those Paul Franks your BFF bought you. Yow!