Bummer Beginning of Summer

Blap, blap, blap. blap, blap, blap- 5:30 AM sounded like the airlift of Saigon on top of my house. I'm not sure if the birds were already chirping on the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER (the longest day of the year) but they couldn't be heard if they were.

I went to bed early in anticipation of greeting the sunrise, chirping birds, good coffee "the world's best husband" always has waiting for me pipping hot. Instead it was the whacking rotor blades of a helicopter hovering directly overhead. Even the grass was flapping. Fortunately the dogs were mindlessly asleep in the garage or they would have been barking.

Bing jolted out of those last horded moment's of sleep with roaring thunderous noise is confusing. The mind speeds, data-bursting questions like- the world's coming to an end? No, a plane crash (we live close to an airport). I'm still asleep dreaming of Apocalypse Now, weirdo Marlon Brando is going to burst through the French doors. I come to- see my coffee right where it should be, there's no fuselage in the back yard, I'm awake but the blap, blap, blapping continues getting louder by the second.

I try looking up through the closed windows- no good. Check out the back door, then the front. There it is- hovering fixed in one spot like a giant mosquito trained on it's victim. Ok, it's just a traffic news-chopper, carrying some wanna-be reporter ready to scoop the next big slam-up on the 405. We're only 3 blocks from one of LA's busiest freeways. I should have guessed. I flipped on the TV hoping to see the dork that ruined the start of my celebration. There it was- a 3 car pile-up just clearing. Right then a fire engine with sirens blaring zips down the ramp and past our street. The scratchy voice of the pilot plots out the spot for drivers to avoid but no sexy little smiley face beaming from a headset- too early for reporters I guess. Not to early to wake up the whole freaking world below though!

The start of summer grabbed me by the throat, punched some of my loved-ones in the gut (see My Daughter's blog) and left a few cars wrinkled. But as they say- "The sun shines on the good and the bad." Guess I'll go buy some ├ęclairs.


Melissavina said...

Hee hee. There is some vocabulary in this post that deserve some recognition. I will list my favorites here:

Whacking rotor blades
data-bursting questions
blap blap blapping
cars wrinkled

You're good.

Me-Shelle said...

Thank you to my lone reader. You're better :>)