The Last Week of June

Can you believe it- 2007 is half over? Summer's here, the weather's fine, and whatever junk you might be dealing with- just remember I'm here to help distract you from the everyday grind. This week's calendar of CELEBRATE EVERYTHING has some thought provoking items sure to fill your trivia data bank with useless yet entertaining information. I have great plans for blogging you silly on Tuesday and Wednesday, so check back in. (Leave a comment please...is anyone reading this?) Paris get's out of Jail Tuesday- Wow! Party down Paris!

So what difference does any of this make? #1, It gives me fodder to write about. #2, It gives us all something to look forward to. #3, It gives you something to say in those awkward silent moments like; "Say, did you know today is Camera Day?" Conversation starters and good pick-up lines like; "Hey, today is National Swim a Lap Day, wanna go skinny dippin'?"

Here's an interesting tid-bit you can use; Log Cabin Day was the brain child of Virginia Handy, head of the Bad Axe Historical Society. I'd love to meet Virginia and her Bad Axes- doing their darndest to preserve America's heritage.

Actually I'm hoping that you'll make everyday a party, something my family & friends excel at. In the last year (not to mention the knock-out regular holiday celebrations) we've had housewarmings, a pumpkin carving/Halloween costume party, gourmet thank-you dinners, a Miami Vice theme party, Country Music Awards celebration, a bridal shower, a Pirate Birthday party, 50-year-old kids theme party, a toasting rehearsal dinner, a fabulous beach wedding & reception, a Sloshball double birthday, Cinco-de-May & Father's Day bar hopping bike rides, and a Monday Night Cajun party. All of these events were attended by adults who know how to have fun! Most of these were thanks to my brilliant son & his wife, and my ever clever, creative daughter.

So- pick at least one of these dates and get the party started!


Melissavina said...

Mom, you're brilliant.
And yes, we like to party. This is something that gives me a smile while I go to sleep at night. My family is top notch, we should set up seminars to teach other families to party as hard as we do. We could charge enough money to fund our get-togethers, take notes, and give more seminars. It would be a totally self sufficient lifestyle. We could all quit our jobs and just party professionally. Think about it.

Me-Shelle said...

I agree- why are we letting our asses double in size when we could be partying them off for pay? Maybe we should seriously consider this. Let's talk.
Mother M