Good Morning Sunshine

Tomorrow- or today, depending on when you read this- is the longest day of the year, The Official Beginning of Summer. Yippee, it's finally here! We can all use those typical catch phrases in the office like: "Wow, won't this day ever end?" or "Man, this day just seems to go on and on!"

The mere word "Summer" strikes a chord of excitement. Remember when you couldn't wait for school to end for summer break? It meant hanging out in the neighborhood until dark, which meant in some places until way after 9 PM. Having crazy times with your friends sleeping in the back yard like quasi campers in sleeping bags, sneaking out in the middle of the night to raise all kinds of hell.

So, don a really cool pair of shades, your sharpest shorts or mini-skirt, and kick up your flip-flops. The party starts at the crack of dawn with a Tequila Sunrise and ends with Sex on the Beach if you're lucky.

I'm going to bed early (warding off my insomnia) as the kid next door rolls by on his skateboard at 8:49 PM- all in preparation of completely enjoying the longest day of the year!

Solstice Salutations & Cheers! Me-Shelle


Jojo said...

Summer....the word brings so many happy memories. Thanks for chekcing out my site. This is how J is celebrating the day!

Melissavina said...

I love this post! I'd love it more if I was excited to put on a mini skirt and not worry that my thighs would touch below the hem.


But I'm all for the cocktails!

Me-Shelle said...

Thanks for reading JoJo, looks like a beautiful boy! Hope you have a fantastic rest of the summer.