What's Next?

Ok! Here we go, my first blog...

I decided looking back mostly makes me sad, not depressed, just wishful in a crappy sort of way. So I decided to keep thinking about what might be just around the corner. That spot that's just out of sight. You know it's ahead, you're going to get there, and just because you can't see it- it's all the more enticing. Depending on how your week went you may be stuck freaking to the point of stalling out. My mantra is keep looking beyond...even if you can't see it. Look, because everything in you says sit down and bawl, but don't forget to look ahead.

Imagine a mark on the calendar, a date set in the future. Write the words Tahiti Cruise. Now picture a map with a push-pin stabbed directly in the circle that marks your town. Push a fat hot pink highlighter from the push-pin, off the edge of California, over the deep blue Pacific, until you find the little cluster of dots Southwest of Hawaii, yep way down there. Calendars and maps put me in an immediate state of transcendental meditation. Suddenly I transport in time, I'm there, flying or floating on the Pacific, sun in my face, sails flapping overhead, Mai-tai drooling from my straw. Are ya with me?

It's when I forget that I will be "there," that date on the calendar, the end of the hot pink highlighter line, that I let the freaking out issues get to me. I get bogged down in the shitty parts, tied up in knots, held hostage by other peoples attempts to mess me up. That spot may not be as exotic as Tahiti, but sometimes just knowing I'll get past what I'm in now makes that spot around the corner seem exoticotastic!

You're probably thinking about all those who've realized my new mantra long before me. "This too shall pass,"- King Solomon "All Things Must Pass"- George Harrison. "Faith is the substance of things not seen"- Hebrews 11:1. Yeah- it's not new, but it's what's ahead for me.

Remember what's ahead before your look back!


Melissavina said...

Ooh hooray! This first post blows me away. You're a natural! I can't wait to see what else comes out of this page. I'll be looking forward to making this a daily stop in my web surfing.

I love it!!

Let's go back to Tahiti sometime soon.

SleekPelt said...

Fantastic post, Me-shelle. I'll be reading you regularly as well!